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Smy Goodness Podcast : Food History & Food Art

Nov 29, 2018

"Marine Style" flask with octopus, Aegean Civilisation of Crete,

the Late Minoan Bronze Age from c. 1500-1450 BC

Throughout the world and throughout time, people and cultures have both revered and feared this eight-limbed, legendary Cephalopod - the octopus. We’ll look at the mythology and folklore of the octopus,...

Jun 24, 2018

Orso Tosco, author of Aspettando i Naufraghi

This episode it's the zucchini aka the courgette and their stunningly beautiful flowers. As my guest was Orso Tosco, the Italian author who has just published his novel, Aspettando I Naufraghi. For his topic Orso chose fiori di zucca or courgette/zucchini flowers as they...

May 21, 2018






This episode looks at where rhubarb came from and how it traveled the world. I look at the changes from how rhubarb was first used by humans to how it is enjoyed today. We'll learn about the etymology of rhubarb, the need for albarelli drug jars and then there's the utterly interesting link between rhubarb and...